1 Year Update


So now that B is a year, what is he up to?

*He’s walking like a madman. I knew once he started trying, there would be no stopping him. He’s not perfect with it, but he did practically run across the room the other day when Zach got home from work.

*He has 8 teeth. I thought it could be up to 12 by this point, but those fangs are holding on tight.

*He is much more ‘talkative’ than Keaton was (we joke that they’ll start talking the same at the same time) He has his own sounds for everything (they remain constant), but just like his big brother, his favorite phrase is, “Oh wow!”

*I wish I could say he pretty much eats what we do, but since most of what we eat is not gluten free, he doesn’t eat what we eat. The boy loves fruit & veggies, as well as chicken and turkey. He thankfully does not have a dairy allergy, so that helps a lot! So he gets a well rounded meal.

*He’s slowly transitioning off of formula. He loves his bottles before bed. I really think we could cut out most except those.

*He’s very aggressive. Not always in a bad way, but he definitely knows how to use his girth to the max! He’s constantly taking down Keaton!

*He loves water (bath, pool, ocean!)

*He loves being outside, but the poor thing drips with sweat if it’s over 60 degrees! (whereas Keaton is always cold – April baby vs. August baby?? haha)

— what did I forget??


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  1. don’t worry keaton’s language will EXPLODE one day and you will then want a mute button…avery talks about EVERYTHING, or sings, or blabs. there are times (esp in the car) when i just ask him to be quiet! Quinn pitching right in too!

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